Pay Communication

We help create greater acceptance of pay by explaining the rational processes used to set and adjust cash compensation.

Enhancing Pay Decisions

Tutorial “game” that helps prepare managers to make appropriate pay decisions

This gameified training module asks trainees to make pay decisions for a fictitious department of five employees. 

An algorithm scores the pay decisions. If results are not 100% accurate, the system directs the trainee back to the applicable tutorials for review before allowing the trainee to re-try.

Communicating About Pay

“Comp 101” makes clear setting and adjusting pay is more science than art

When employees are not trusting the equity and competitiveness of their pay, it might mean they need some facts about how pay is set and adjusted.

This “Comp 101” brochure uses simple language and diagrams to help employees understand the pay research that happens behind the scenes – including job analyses and evaluations and market pay surveys – and the mechanics of the pay system designed to ensure pay is competitive with other employers and equitable across the company. 

Employees learn how and when changes to base pay are made and are provided a glossary of terms used throughout the brochure.

Supporting Managers As Pay Communicators

Managers welcome support of the people-management part of the job

This mock-up of an employee compensation communication shows a compensation statement that slips into a simple brochure with explanations of what is on the statement. A manager uses the brochure as a discussion guide in the meeting with the employee, then the employee is given the package for future reference –such as later that day when talking to their spouse.

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