Executive Total Rewards Communication

We have deep experience enhancing the perceived and realized value of executive pay and benefit programs.

Communicating With Executives

Executives want an overview of total rewards with the option to get details

What once involved handing a thick binder of pay and benefit information to new executives is now a streamlined brochure. Executives get the key points and then can plug in the accompanying USB thumb drive (in an affixed plastic sleeve) for details. There’s even a folder tab to make it easy to find in the home filing cabinet and a back pocket to hold related papers.

Helping Executives Maximize Opportunities

Assuming execs understand the nuances is a mistake

Too often, executives have only a general awareness of their long-term incentive program and how they can
influence payouts. Too many executives fail to grasp the value of participating in a deferred compensation program. Other executive benefits and perquisites
can be woefully underappreciated. EeComm understands this unique executive audience and how to ensure you will get through to these busy individuals, such as with this concise overview of executive pay and benefits.

Need Some Help?

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