Benefit Communication

We understand and effectively explain health & welfare and qualified retirement benefits to help employees recognize and achieve benefit value.

Communicating Health & Wellness Topics

Making the complexities of health plans simpler

Employers want health plan participants to value their coverage – step-by-step guides like this one can focus participants on how best to access quality care at reasonable costs. Mailing to the home helps ensure the spouse gets the information, too.

Helping Employees Choose

Bringing focus to the benefit factors that matter

When employees choose appropriate benefits – especially health care coverage – everyone wins. EeComm has a proven track record of helping employers achieve enrollment goals through effective annual enrollment materials like this comparison of benefit options.

Capturing Attention

Benefit messages that get noticed

Employees are increasingly bombarded with information from all directions. Finding ways to ensure benefit messages are not lost in the clutter is an EeComm specialty. This postcard helped effectively inform employees and spouses of key open enrollment dates and considerations.

Engaging Employees in Retirement Benefits

Better ideas for when the status quo is not working

Whether your goal is to promote participation in a defined contribution plan, enhance savings rates, improve investment decisions or all three, EeComm can help. And we bring clients decades of experience with defined benefit communication, too.

Need Some Help?

We'd be delighted to hear about your communication challenge and provide you the benefit of our experience.